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tv   [untitled]    August 9, 2014 2:30pm-3:01pm PDT

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a higher number to me it's crazy. i'm not sure how many bars know they have to come. to the commission there might be bars out of the compliance and an extremely hard process if you have only a few because it goes to the regular process and can get appealed that seems like a lot so i'll propose to amend this alleviation >> supervisor kim i appreciate the concerns for the small businesses and the layers they've got to deal with you currently there are 82 locations in the city and i just don't building that a pinball machine is going to the barrier i don't
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think i don't think that's the protective 6 they're looking for . >> how much is the permit. >> $740 a one-time application fee and annually to continue to operate 3 hundred and 16 no matter florida i have one or 60. >> that's a significant cost. for two pinball machines or a donkey arcade machine foreperson that they have to come before the commission and if it gets appealed they have to go the board of appeals. i hear you this may not be the task certainly no bar has asked me to take this out of the planning code but that's an unnecessary process because time in and of itself is what it
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takes to file all the things and to know what all the permits are. so of them are a little bit important ridiculous this seems like like a clear one we can make it easier for the number of businesses you've listed to operate if the arcade machine is in and of itself not the issue there are pieces where the arcade machine people are throwing them out of the bars this was something that was sensitized by the people we should talk about a permit process to make sure those bars will have the process reluctance in place to make sure that didn't happen but if that's not what we're trying to get out of them i can't support this. there's no need for a respond i'll be making a motion to amend
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>> that's increasing two to size. >> with minimum i'll be okay with the minimum 5 my preference so to take utility anything under 10. >> do you want to respond for supervisor breed. >> when we were first distrusting this legislation conceding said why not delete the whole thing i appreciate where a you're coming from supervisor kim absolutely. in introducing we agree with the entertainment commission to be mindful of their continue to introduce it to one i think to 5 supervisor breed will support that absolutely >> okay. i'm fine going up to 5 i actually had a similar response to supervisor breed i understand the concerns of the
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entertainment commission but i'm fine doing 5. i might say to mr. gibner if we amend it does that require an amendment >> john gibner, deputy city attorney the increasing will not require a continuance we could would do it i don't know if it's coming out of the committee report it's one line in the ordinance. >> so in other words changing the trigger to two machines to 5 machines and even if that's making the ordinance less restrictive to currently it's one with. >> right it's decreasing the restriction on bars and as parts of a small piece of a large overhaul. >> so what i'm going to suggest
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is one option to divide the file and to send both forward since supervisor breed is not here unless your competent saying she'll support this. >> i'm one hundred percent confident. >> okay. i'll accept the amendment to change it to 5 machines. >> out of the respect i'll make a motion to amend the legislation from 2 to 5 so understanding any i guess any venue will have to get a permit if they're ten or more or bar 5 or more. >> mr. iga in her i'm assuming this wouldn't be an issue but amending it back to 2 would we
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have another hearing. >> one machine limit decreasing it back to one tomorrow to reflect it will not require another meeting and from 5 to 2 so if the commission feels this is importantly we'll have till tomorrow to talk to supervisor breed i wanted to make sure we could at least get the first reading out of the way. and tomorrow's board meeting so supervisor kim has made a motion to amend to increase the - >> have you taken public comment. >> you're right so before we ask for the amendment we'll open up for medical cannabis i have
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one speaker card for the departmental i'm sorry i did not know the sfpd was here. >> i'm a lieutenant with the san francisco pd permit bureau representing commander gary it has been working closely with mr. johnson on the legislation he expressed this morning he wanted me to share today is his concern about gaging and the city has been dealing with gambling and there recent companies that are notorious labeling the sweepstakes and we want to see will there be a vesting process for a third party vendor to provide machines to those businesses if a bar
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goes into an agreement with a vendor who will be the agency that does the vetting process to make sure they're not in a criminal process the sfpd looks forward to have this updated it's antiquated this is an opportunity to make lasting changes in try and step away from gaging and try to create some guidelines to protect young people. one the others concerns are for arcades if they're in a bar like situation to not advertise for young people to be part ever it and have people on the sidewalks soliciting people on the sidewalks.
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there needs to be an tenant to be checking ids fittings if as the an arcade geared toward a young to make sure they have a background check because of the original scope of the legislation this is a great opportunity to visit the issues and have a meaningful conversation about gaging so i don't know if we're able to have a continuance or discussion before it goes to the full board of supervisors but that's the situation of the sfpd >> under johnson on behalf of the supervisor breed would you like to respond to the sfpd.
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>> sure protective aid with respect to gambling we thought that that and worked with the city attorney's office that's why i highlighted the 0 language i think we have a good response to some of the other issues from our colleague maybe she wants to speak. >> thank you i mean, i think what the lieutenant brought it's a good thing to have a vetting progress she broths up the concern of arcades our concerns we deal with entertainment that happens at bars when they came to us we brought this to supervisor breed's office we've not had so much support so people watch is a great place but we are talking about places
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that are bars and we get third party's all the time that want to go in and put in electronic dart the companies are not going to be the responsible party on premises it's difficult that's why we like to have our mechanic devices equipment recommended to a person not part of the establishment. thanks >> great, thank you. okay. at this point, we'll open open this up for public comment i know i have one public comment card. come on up anyone else you can line up maybe on this side public comment will be two minutes >> supervisors thank you mr.
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chair and supervisor breed. i'm kirsten the d-8 resident and arcade enthusiast i'm excited to hear about your restrictions for priorities that want to use the devices this is an important times for our children and at that time of amazing innovation we've got business owners that are bringing new ways to have recreation. i want to support sfpd recreation to protect our children but when it comes to the preservation of machines that are old and outdated and comes to innovating and creating ways for people to gather and
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play games together those are two areas they're living by the margins like the small business owners that are creating the spaces to do that. so i encourage you to look at the fees because this can only happen if we can afford to do it and pay the guy to fix it edward reiskin or figure out a way to get together so i encourage you to go further with it >> thank you very much. next speaker. >> hi thank you for considering this today. i'm erick i'm a 10 year resident ever pole valley and a homeowner which is a few blocks away and a pin baurl i have to say san francisco is a city where we support the spaces the parks
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have been evidenced and a move to create a place where everyone can participate and this is an affordable way for people to get together. i'm heavily in support of this. you that's it thank you. thank you very much >> thank you to the committee i'm ross a resident of lower hate which is the street where free go watch is located allison park i'm from boston and those laws have stopped the pinballs in boston so moving here and having this community be a part of the ongoing process of being a californian was a big deal thank you to free go watch and
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other bars in the greater san francisco area for providing those machines a place for the community to join together and learn from one another. i feel like pinball you can learn from other people and interact it's a bonding thing between people who are enthusiasts and i'll recommend making changes to the law and i thank you for your time. thank you >> thank you very much. public comment? seeing none, public comment is closed. commenting has proposed an amendment to change the trigger from 2 machines to 5 machines. and mr. gibner >> so 5 machines will require a
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permit or 4 to 6 machines require a permit. >> okay. >> so once you machines it requires a permit and we'll take that without objection.. and so first of all, i want to thank mr. johnson so far working on this and departments that participated we've seen over time situations where something happens or something is perceived in a certain way to recollections are put in place and years good by and it turnout it has unintended consequences we know when it comes to small businesses whether it's entertainment or night life there's a lot of innovations happening and something that maybe back in the past that was
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causing a problem is now being used in a positive way. we've seen supervisor kim and i and supervisor campos have teamed up to gradually refine the muscone and the awesome restrictions in the mission there was a good reason then but fast forward now you it is a reform item so the same day is warranted so i'm happy to support this. supervisor kim >> thank you i'm going to express my thanks to confederacy and her office for working on this clean up language i mean, i'll ditto what supervisor wiener said i'll add my name it's important we continue to clean up many is of the arcade regulations 40 in our planning
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code i don't know free go watch but i'll be checking out it out and see why its generating so much neighborhood support. >> okay. i'll entertain a motion to forward item 2 to the full board as a positive recommendation we'll take that without objection. >> madam clerk call item 3. >> item 3 is a ordnance creating underground district 360 on ring gold alley. >> supervisor kim is the author and today, we're bringing before land use the ring additionally this is a portion of the key western selma transportation pedestrian improvement plan one the key major pieces it is a necessary component of this process to realize our goal of a
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living shared street on ring gold is similar to the alley. what this involves obviously it ungrant all the offer ground utility the poles in order to do work that includes pedestrians lighting and repaving and other landscape consortiums. i know you've talked about this before the board but small business is one the key needs and we can be creative and shared streets is one component of providing the come down to the western plan. on may 22nd the planning commission approved that for the former trans bus lot and they allowed an agreement where
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$1.8 million will be used asia in loop pavement to had had small business improvements which have been identified as a consultant for the lgbtq social district for the western unit plan. of the $6.2 million plan $1.8 million will be spent by the developer to present be this to the neighborhood. just wanted to recognize that the officials look with the dispensary did the outreach in the neighborhood we got letters or e-mails of support within 3 hundred feet radius of the project the only concern to make sure that which one see of the polls are hanging down and we make sure that the underground happens in a timely manner but
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no opposition and want to thank the planning commission and also to the developer who will actually be coming up to speak so far really working so closely with the community on autonomy building the residential for the west sylmar but making sure it's a plan that the neighborhood supports whether to have an increase in two and three bedroom units and figuring out how the growth and development is going to subcontract so what the neighborhood. so i believe we have presentations here. and so why don't i - >> good afternoon, everyone. supervisors i'm here the planner in the citywide position i believe that supervisor kim sxhierd most of my remarks so i can answer your specific remarks but as she said on may 22nd the
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committee approved those for the alley for the project at 360 eight streets its a single public right-of-way that transforms this street into a pedestrian space and calming to travel at the same time. it was identified as >> priority plan for the project and again in the western transportation plan and had many community involvement folks. one person came and was excited about the project and just to have clafrts on the in kinds the project sponsor will be talking about the in kind it doesn't include confidence to the north side >> thank you. i know we also have the project
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sponsor here. >> hi, i'm you figuring this out. hi i've been working on this project since 2007 and happy to
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be talking about both the project proper very briefly and telling you how it sgraths with the in kind agreement with the project us if you could flash it sits at the corner of eight and harrison site we have 7 distinct building a mixed use residential retail dictated office building small business assessable to the public and an integral alley system that expends the neighborhoods alley system. we went through a hundred and 20 to 50 community meetings as part of the task force development so this project before you is to a large extent e stent the brainchild of the task force itself and the task force tried
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to resolve conflicts between the developers needs to actually have a profitable project and the neighborhoods need this important site to reflect the priority to have the people in the area. so those are the 7 different buildings i don't think - there it is that. up top is ring gold and eight stwrts gordon alley on the left and the distinct buildings there was at things in the project and ring gold the loop road is open to pedestrians and bicyclists and automobiles. we have all the parking for the
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project underground next is the rendering of eight and harrison streets from san francisco from the ethnic street exit. one of the key elements of the project >> would you say what the direction the car driving down. >> it's driving down harrison. >> towards the stud bar. >> yes. >> okay. this is just this isn't coming up but this is the project from the eight street have you to e midnight time it shows you get a good since of how the buildings are spaced-out and get into the
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community at large. one of the ms. interesting elements we have assessable small business in the form of a park at the corner of eight and ring gold that's why the community is in support of the in kind to mob improvements because that a integral to our project and the parish we're building on the two footages of the park. one will have a cafe and the other a restaurant and provide heating so in the colder most of the year people can come in and hack out and enjoy their time. i included one picture of wrinkle as it exists today to get a sense of the over lying
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lines and a priority from the community standpoint and frankly from ours to move forward. i'll leave with the schematic that was drawn up by the magnifying in 2011. as part of their community outreach process and their some basic elements in the scheme that will be inherited or executed on our part increase a lot of community meetings left to be had to get more and more components the arts commentating contestant, etc. if you have any questions, i'll be happy to answer them. thank you >> thank you. i want to thank you for your work i really peculiarity the amount of time over the years for outreach with the community in the south of market it's generally, the roll
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market for the school and i love the idea of the heat street but one of the major barriers this prevents people from enjoying places to its great to have the heat. i have a quick question i know i've put a number of trees own harrison street i know that harrison has a narrow sidewalk maybe it's not a question for you but i'm curious about the sidewalk and are we going something >> we're expanding the sidewalk. >> is that part of your work. >> and harrison going both get extended. >> that's great to hear. thank you >> okay public comment at this point or is there more
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presentations. >> no more presentations. >> we'll open up public comment seeing none, public comment is closed. >> supervisor kim i'd like to forward this with positive recommendation to the full board i apologize we didn't push this forward that will be voted on accepted 2. >> and a second reading on september 2nd so the motion to support in with recommendation we'll take that without objection. and madam clerk, any other business before this committee? >> there's no further business. . then we are adjourned.